Jewish settlers storm Attof village in Jordan valley, carry out land survey

[ 15/01/2011 – 02:18 PM ]


JORDAN VALLEY, (PIC)– Dozens of armed extremist Jewish settlers under military protection stormed Attof village near Tamun town in Tubas province on Saturday morning.

Eyewitnesses said the armed settlers were carrying maps, cameras and surveying instruments and carried out a land survey which raised doubts about their intents to annex more Palestinian lands to their nearby settlements.

Farmers said the soil in their village is very fertile and arable and has been used for growing rainfed crops for a long time.

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) prevents the villagers from digging artesian wells to irrigate their lands claiming that the area is used for military drills, although there is no sign indicating that the area is being used by the military.

Another group of settlers from Rotem settlement in the Jordan Valley region on Friday started to cultivate agricultural lands they illegally seized from Palestinian Bedouins of Farsiya village two weeks ago.

Eyewitnesses said dozens of settlers spread in the village and harassed the Bedouins whose homes were flattened many times before by the Israeli occupation forces.

In a separate incident, a state of extreme anger was prevailing among the Palestinians in Barta’a village behind the segregation wall near Jenin city after Israeli soldiers at a military checkpoint on Friday evening attempted to force women from the village to take off their robes.

The women, who refused to comply, were detained for three hours at the checkpoint before their men came and involved in an altercation with the troops who allowed them later to enter the village without strip searching them.

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Jewish settlers storm Attof village in Jordan valley, carry out land survey.

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