Hamas praises Tunisian uprising

[ 16/01/2011 – 06:31 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The Hamas resistance group praised the recent Tunisian uprising, calling it a “milestone in contemporary Arab history”, and asserting that injustice can only be countered with sacrifice.

“We believe this uprising is a milestone in contemporary Arab history, an assurance of their aspirations for freedom and dignity, and an imposition of the people’s will.”

“What occurred in Tunisia confirms that the path of dignity and confronting injustice, aggression and tyranny is not by solicitation, but by sacrifices and paying the price of pride and dignity. The Tunisians, who offered dozens martyrs and hundreds of wounded, deserve this great achievement.”

“The epics of heroism and bravery written by the Tunisian citizens in the past weeks is an embodiment of the character of Tunisia, which refuses injustice, oppression, and slavery,” Hamas said reminding of the Tunisians’ struggle against French colonialism in the mid-1900’s and the support they have provided to the Palestinians in their resistance of the Israeli occupation.

Hamas praises Tunisian uprising.

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