Israel destroys Araqeeb village for 9th time, displaces its natives

[ 16/01/2011 – 04:32 PM ]


NEGEV, (PIC)– The Israeli police displaced Sunday morning 300 Palestinians, mostly children and women, and left them in the cold after their bulldozers demolished, for the ninth consecutive time, all the homes of Araqeeb village located between the towns of Rahat and Beersheba in Negev region.

Local sources said that armed policemen and troops came along with bulldozers this morning to the village and knocked down all tents and homes without mercy after using force to evacuate the families from their places.

According to the regional council for the Arab villages unrecognized by Israel, the policemen and soldiers physically attacked the residents who had to defend themselves and homes.

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) blatantly refuses to recognize this Palestinian village which had come into existence before the Jews occupied Palestine.

The IOA claims the village was established on government lands, while Araqeeb natives inherited them from their parents and grandparents, and have documents proving their ownership of these lands.

Araqeeb village was completely removed many times during the past year, but the residents rebuilt it again after every demolition.

Arab Knesset member Taleb Al-Sanea strongly denounced the Israeli government for pursuing the policy of terror  against the Palestinian Arabs in the south and displacing them and their children from their homes, stressing that the injustice will never last and will come to an end sooner or later.

Israel destroys Araqeeb village for 9th time, displaces its natives.

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