Israeli rabbis call for establishment of extermination camps for Palestinians

[ 16/01/2011 – 11:27 AM ]


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– A Zionist magazine, apparently reflecting popular Israeli opinion, promoted the idea of extermination camps for the Palestinians.

The weekly magazine distributed in synagogues throughout the country published an advisory opinion undersigned by major rabbis calling the establishment of those camps a “legitimate duty”, the Israeli e-newspaper YNet reported Saturday.

The statement attacked rabbis who had reservations on signing the document, calling the Palestinians the “giants” who religious texts say the Lord commanded the Israelites to slaughter them, their children, their women, their elders, and even their beasts more than two thousand years ago.

According to those rabbis, the Torah requires the Jews to wipe out any trace of those giants in this era, in reference to the Palestinians.

Jewish thinker Audi Aloni said calls to eliminate the Palestinians are openly made in the synagogues as the genocidal idea has become a practical option.

“No one objected to Rabbi Shlomo Eliahu, chief rabbi of Safed, and Rabbi Shlomo Avner, Chief Rabbi of Beit El, who undersigned the advisory opinion, which suggests approval of their opinion,” Aloni said.

Israeli rabbis call for establishment of extermination camps for Palestinians.

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