Israelis are trying to convert Aqsa Mosque feature into Jewish shrine

[ 16/01/2011 – 10:57 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The Gaza religious affairs ministry’s Jerusalem committee warned Saturday that the Israelis are mapping out a plan to seize the Rabat al-Kurd, to the left of Aqsa Mosque’s Iron Gate, and convert the integral part of the Islamic site into a minor Jewish wailing wall.

Israeli raids on the mosque were aimed at taking over the greatest possible area surrounding the Aqsa Mosque, the Jerusalem committee said. The first takeover was against Rabat al-Kurd.

The Israelis had already converted a part of Rabat al-Kurd decades ago into a Jewish shrine dubbed the “minor wailing wall”, the committee said.

Excavations beneath the site, under the pretense of restoration and development in the holy city, years back caused collapsing and cracking in neighboring Palestinian homes, the committee went on to say.

The religious affairs ministry also condemned an Israeli government project to build a tourist hotel over the historic, Islamic Al-Qishla cemetery, which runs along the Grand Mosque in Yaffa, a move the ministry called a shot at Judaizing 1948-occupied territories.

Israelis are trying to convert Aqsa Mosque feature into Jewish shrine.

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