Erekat Confirms: Draft of Security Council Resolution Condemning Settlements Ready for Wednesday

PNN – Palestine News Network – | 17.01.11 – 16:19

Jericho – PNN – Chief Palestinian negotiator Dr. Saeb Erekat said on Monday that he had been instructed by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to bring the issue of illegal Israeli settlements to the UN Security Council on Wednesday. The vote is expected to be held later.


The UN Headquarters in New York City (PNN Archive).

Erekat announced the date after a meeting with US Consul General Daniel Rubinstein and UN Special Envoy Robert Serry, explaining that the resolution would be presented by a full-member state of the UN, as Palestine only has observer status.

Erekat stressed that the policies of the Israeli government in expanding settlements, building walls, and besieging the Gaza Strip left no doubt that the Israeli government held the responsibility for the collapse of the peace process. He called on all members of the 15-state Security Council, of which five are permanent and have veto power, to support the Palestinian resolution, which would condemn Israeli settlement-building in the occupied territories, including the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Resolutions passed at the Security Council must be executed, meaning Israel would be compelled to stop its settlement project. But the veto power of the United States, which has voted against all UN resolutions “hostile to Israel” in the past, may prove to be an insurmountable hurdle.

Erekat has urged the US not to use its veto power on the settlement resolution, and said he was in direct consultation with the other 14 members of the council. The West Bank is inhabited by more than half a million illegal settlers financed by the Israeli government over the last 44 years.

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PNN – Palestine News Network – Erekat Confirms: Draft of Security Council Resolution Condemning Settlements Ready for Wednesday.

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