Israel blocks entry of medical team into Ramle prison hospital

[ 17/01/2011 – 05:36 PM ]


RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The Israeli prison services (IPS) refused to allow an independent medical team to enter the Ramle prison hospital to check on Palestinian sick detainees.

The prisoner’s committee in 1948 occupied Palestine said in a statement on Monday that it presented a list of prisoners to be checked by this team but the IPS rejected the step.

The committee noted that Ahmed Tamimi, from Ramallah, as one example, and who is serving a life sentence, was suffering from an unknown health condition, recalling that he was detained since 19/7/1993.

It added that another case Zahran Abu Osba, from Salfit, who is imprisoned since 5/1/1999, was losing weight and suffered loss of appetite. The committee said that doctors said that he was suffering from enlarged spleen yet he was only offered sedatives.

The committee asked the Red Cross to visit the sick detainees and to demand appropriate treatment for them in accordance with international laws and norms.

Israel blocks entry of medical team into Ramle prison hospital.

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