Israel Targets Free Gaza Movement with Repulsive Propaganda

January 17, 2011 posted by Michael Leon | VeteransToday


Israeli Propaganda aimed at human rights activists

It is not enough that humanitarian activists on the Mavi Marmara were illegally boarded and attacked in international waters on a peace mission to Gaza. Nor is it sufficient that nine peace activists on the Mavi Marmara were assassinated in cold blood by Israeli terrorist forece—

Furkan Doğan,Necdet Yıldırım,Cevdet Kılıçlar,Ali Haydar Bengi,Cengiz Akyür,Fahri Yaldız,Cengiz Songür,Çetin Topçuloğlu andİbrahim Bilgen.

Now, Israel has launched a propaganda campaign targeting the return of the Mavi Marmara and Free Gaza Movement and is calling murdered victims: “Pirates”.

The Stand with Us propaganda site says the Israeli massacre on the Mediterranean Sea last May 31st was directed at “Pirates.” Incredible as it is revolting.

In the words of Dr. King: “I agree with Dante, that the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in a period of moral crisis maintain their neutrality. There comes a time when silence becomes betrayal.”

Veterans Today stands with all the world-over who speak out against Israeli terror, human rights violations and vicious, utterly disingenuous propaganda. Long live Palestine. Long live the Free Gaza Momement.

Below are suggested propaganda posters from the Stand with Us propaganda site including calls to “investigate” freedom flotilla peace activists.

NYC3 Pirates
Investigate The Passengers Ata Turk Muhammad Al Hazmi
Hamas free Gilad Shalit Turkey occupies Cyprus
Turkey defying INTL law Turkey Complicit
Turkey Blood On Hands hires peace Activists knives clubs hires
peace Activists hamas hires Israel We Stand With You

Israel Targets Free Gaza Movement with Repulsive Propaganda : Veterans Today.

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