Israeli police shoot Palestinian man during chase

[ 17/01/2011 – 05:21 PM ]


ACRE, (PIC)– A Ramallah man was moderately injured in Acre Sunday after Israeli police shot him during a chase.

Two other officers were let off the hook yesterday after killing a Palestinian man in East Jerusalem.

Police claimed the man from Ramallah was residing in the Israeli-occupied city of Acre without a permit.

The victim was shot during a chase when police told him to stop but he did not comply so an officer shot him in the lower body.

The officer who fired the bullet said he felt his life was endangered and that the “suspect” tried to shoot at him.

On Sunday, the Israeli ministry of justice closed investigations of two officers accused of pre-meditated murder of a Palestinian man who accidentally crashed into police in East Jerusalem.

The victim’s car broke down seven months back in the Wadi al-Jawz district when the border guards fired at him.

Investigators dismissed the case saying the shooters were acting according to procedures.

Israeli police shoot Palestinian man during chase.

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