Silwan clashes erupt after police raid home; two minors arrested

[ 17/01/2011 – 05:05 PM ]


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Violent clashes erupted Sunday night in the East Jerusalem Silwan district after Israeli police raided a home there.

The Batn al-Hawa residence is part of an area frequently targeted by Jewish settler property claims.

Meanwhile, the Israelis were responsible for many provocative steps this week in East Jerusalem, the Gilo district in particular.

Police, accompanied by soldiers raided the home of Yahya al-silwadi to inspect new additions.

Violent clashes immediately broke out when family members confronted the armed force.

The army fired a barrage of gas and stun grenades at locals who rushed to the scene of incident, eyewitnesses said.

Two minors were arrested on accusations of throwing fire bombs and stones. They will be held until their Tuesday trial before the Israeli Magistrate Court.

The house falls in a 40-dunum section of Batn al-Hawa settlement funds claim as Jewish property. Settlers have made claims the property was owned by Jews who migrated to Israel from Yemen in the early nineteenth century.

The same night, Israeli soldiers stripped a Jerusalem man of his identification card while he was crossing a military checkpoint near the Gilo settlement, located between Jerusalem and Bethelehem.

The troops claimed Jamal Buheidar, a resident of Beit Hanina, lost his Jerusalem residence and must find another place to live.

On Friday, Jerusalem’s planning committee discussed approving the construction of the largest beyond the Green Line contruction project to date.

Gaza’s Jerusalem committee, which operates under the religious affairs ministry, warned the move was part of a systematic and programmed policy to Judaize and erase the historic civilization of the holy city.

Silwan clashes erupt after police raid home; two minors arrested.

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