Thinking of spring in Palestine | Poem by Mike Odetalla

Thinking of spring in Palestine

By Mike Odetalla


What benefit or joy if,


I were to gain the world,

But lose the almond blossoms in my land?


Drink a cup of coffee, everyplace

But my mother’s home


Journey to the moon,

But not to the grave

s of my ancestors


See the world’s wonders,

But not the setting sun as it dips behind ancient olive groves


Tour the world over,

But lose the flowers on the hills of my native land


Nothing but lethal silence…


No need to gain the world


Just a cup of coffee

In a familiar place and

An end to the lethal silence


Within the hearts of the living…

Mike Odetalla, thinking of spring in Palestine! 3-27-2005

The Almond Blossoms in Palestine…

Thinking of spring in Palestine By Mike Odetalla (2).

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