In Nablus, An Invasion of Cardboard Tanks

PNN – Palestine News Network – 18.01.11 – 13:59

Sidqi Musa – Nablus – PNN – He lines up the Israeli army tanks on a street in Zawata, a small village west of Nablus in the northern West Bank, reminiscent of scenes from the Israeli invasions of the Second Intifada. Except this time, the tanks are cardboard, made by twin brothers Sabhi and Bakr Saleh.


A cardboard version of the Israeli Merkava tank (PNN Images).

The Merkava tank, the Hummer, the troop transport are all crafted with exquisite detail by the Saleh brothers, art students in high school whose many talents have put them at the head of the class. They explained to PNN what inspired them to turn trash into art.

Sabhi and Bakr explained that they figured out with a group of friends that they could clean up their street in Zawata and create something of value at the same time. They said that the commonplace sight of Israeli military vehicles on their streets in 2002 inspired them, despite their young age, but that at the heart of their project was a desire for peace and happiness.



A cardboard police hummer (PNN Images).

The boys’ father, Maher Saleh, said it was important to develop his sons’ talents and encourage their creativity. He said he was surprised to see his boys collecting cartons of chips from outside of shops, collapsing them and them reforming them into model cars.

Sabhi and Bakr, who are also part of the Palestinian National Dabka team and participate in local dance festivals, say they are interested in passing on the national traditions from generation to generation, as well as pursuing their own unique art forms.

PNN – Palestine News Network – In Nablus, An Invasion of Cardboard Tanks.

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