Israel fires at two Palestinians on Gaza border

18 January 2011 24 views No Comment BY: BNO News

Channel 6 News » GAZA STRIP (BNO NEWS) — Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) on Tuesday fired at two Palestinians on the Gaza border as they attempted to plant an explosive, the Haaretz newspaper reported.

One suspect was wounded by an IDF shell after Israeli soldiers fired at the two Palestinians who were approaching the fence on the border between Israel and Gaza near Kibbutz Kfar Aza.

IDF forces used a tank to disrupt the alleged terror plot from the two Palestinians, according to reports. There were no IDF casualties or injuries in the shooting and militants often attempt to plant explosives on the border fence without success so far.

Last week, Hamas informed that representatives of various Palestinian factions agreed to stop rocket attacks on Israeli territory near the Gaza Strip. The decision was taken in order to avoid a new Israeli military intervention.

However, the two suspected militants attempted to plant explosives on the Gaza border mere days after the announcement. In recent months, Hamas officials have urged Palestinians to restrain from launching attacks on their neighbors.

The Israeli region of Ashkelon and the southern area of Gaza Strip have been the target of an ongoing series of rocket attacks between Israeli Defense Forces and Palestinian militants.

In the winter of 2008-2009, Israel launched a surprise air strike against the Gaza Strip which marked the beginning of a three-week military conflict between Israel and Hamas, killing nearly 1,500 people and leaving thousands more injured and displaced.

Channel 6 News » Israel fires at two Palestinians on Gaza border.

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