New Settlers Homes and New Wall Section in East Jerusalem

PNN – Palestine News Network – 18.01.11 – 12:18

Jerusalem – PNN –  The Israeli government approved 32 new homes for settlers to be built in the Pisgat Ze’ev settlement near Jerusalem on Monday night.


Israeli Wall in the West Bank – Archive

According to Israeli sources, the new homes are part of a plan that includes 220 new homes in Palestinian East Jerusalem, which was submitted to the Israeli government by private contractors.

Meanwhile, the Israeli army radio announced on Tuesday morning that the army approved the building of new sections of the wall that surround east Jerusalem. The army central command announced that the last sections of the wall, 20 kilometers long, will be finshed by the end of 2011. Israel has already fished building 200 kilometers of the wall that surrounds East Jerusalem.

According to the army report, the new wall construction will be near Ramallah and Shofat to the north of Jerusalem’s Old City. The army says that once the wall is completed, Jerusalem will be totally cut off from the rest of the West Bank and no illegal workers will be able to enter the city.

Israeli allows a limited number of West Bank residents to enter Jerusalem for work, health treatment and family affairs.

Palestinian sources said that this new wall section, if completed, will leave 125,000 Palestinians from Jerusalem-area villages cut off from the city.

In an earlier statement, Yakier Saghif, director of East Jerusalem affairs in the Israeli municipality, announced that the wall and settlements around Jerusalem were for political and demographical reasons, not only for security.


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PNN – Palestine News Network – New Settlers Homes and New Wall Section in East Jerusalem.

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