PA arrests 17 Hamas, 2 Jihad supporters in the West Bank

[ 18/01/2011 – 03:46 PM ]


WEST BANK, (PIC)– Palestinian Authority security agencies have arrested at least 17 Hamas supporters in the past week.

Hamas has confirmed security cooperation between West Bank-ruling rival Fatah and the Israeli occupation government.

About two weeks back, media reported a Wikileaks cable documenting that Fatah leaders asked the Israeli security chief in 2007 to strike on Hamas.

The string of arrests targeting Hamas supporters in the West Bank has prompted Hamas to call off recently revived Palestinian reconciliation efforts.

Most of the arrestees have also been targeted by the Israelis.

PA militias in Bethlehem have arrested Ghassan Hermas, who is husband to former women’s affairs minister Amal Siyam, and Hassan al-Wardiyan, who was jailed by the Israelis for 15 years after hours of searching their homes.

Bethlehem councilman Yousef al-Natsha has also been arrested.

A Fatah military court in Jerusalem has sentenced Mosaab Saleem Shamasina to six months in prison. Shamasina has been arrested on several prior occasions.

In Nablus, the PA militias have detained former Qublan mayor Fawaz al-Aqra among other Hamas activists.

For its part, Islamic Jihad on Tuesday charged Fatah-controlled intelligence apparatus in Tulkarem of kidnapping two brothers of its supporters on Monday in Saida village.

PA arrests 17 Hamas, 2 Jihad supporters in the West Bank.

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