Russian President Medvedev to Reaffirm Russian Recognition of Palestinian State

PNN – Palestine News Network – 18.01.11 – 15:13 Jericho

PNN – On the day of Russian president Dmitri Medvedev’s visit to Jericho, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas called the trip “historic” and a top negotiator said he expected Medvedev to reaffirm his country’s recognition of an independent state of Palestine.


President Abbas welcomes President Medvedev in Jericho on Tuesday (Wafa Images).

On Tuesday, Abbas told state-run news wire Wafa, “We consider this visit by the president of the Russian Federation a historic one by all measures, as a laurel crowning the heads of the Palestinian people. We are honored and grateful to receive the Russian president here, as an expression of Palestinian-Russian friendship and a confirmation of the depth of the relationship between the Palestinian and Russian peoples.”

Abbas also said the visit confirmed Russia’s commitment to the Palestinian quest for a state with its capital in East Jerusalem. Russia already recognizes a Palestinian state based on its 1967 borders, but it recognized the state in 1988 under the now-defunct Soviet regime.

According to a report by Israeli online newspaper Ha’aretz, Israeli officials fear that President Medvedev will reaffirm Russian recognition of Palestine. This fear is especially acute as Russia is a member of the Quartet, the Israel-Palestine negotiating body responsible for the 2002 Roadmap to Peace.

Nabil Sha’ath, a leader in the Palestinian Authority (PA) negotiating team, told the al-Hayat newspaper on Tuesday that he expected Medvedev to reaffirm the recognition. An anonymous official in the Israeli Foreign Ministry told Ha’aretz that a “domino effect” might result from Medvedev’s statement, naming China as a possible follow-up, but China also already recognized the Palestinian state in 1988.

Former Palestinian president Yasser Arafat declared Palestine independent on November 15, 1988. The declaration was greeted with recognitions from 81 countries, including Russia, China, India, Turkey, and nearly all the African states.

President Medvedev will visit the West Bank on Tuesday but not Israel, on account of a workers’ strike at the Israeli Foreign Ministry. Extreme right-wing Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, himself of Russian descent, is reportedly furious with his employees over the embarrassment.

PNN – Palestine News Network – Russian President Medvedev to Reaffirm Russian Recognition of Palestinian State.

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