Shin Bet agent makes attempted hit on Eshel prisoner

[ 18/01/2011 – 11:25 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– A Shin Bet agent inside the Eshel Prison in Beersheba made an obvious attempt to assassinate another prisoner in the facility, the Gaza prisoners ministry said Tuesday. The prisoner’s name was concealed.

Eshel prisoners have taken rectification into their own hands.

A Shin Bet officer instructed an inside agent to spike the target’s coffee with a suspicious red pill, Eshel prisoners told the ministry. The prisoner began experiencing stroke symptoms after the agent carried out the plot.

Prisoners said the administration’s medical neglect of the life prisoner implied involvement in a conspiracy.

The agent was removed from the section after admitting his involvement to prisoners.

The prisoners have gone on a one-day hunger strike to protest the attempted assassination and demanded immediate treatment of the victim.

Rights groups are calling for a wide-ranging investigation into dozens of abrupt medical conditions experienced by prisoners.

Shin Bet agent makes attempted hit on Eshel prisoner.

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