‘Victims alone can end Israeli crimes’

PressTV – Tue Jan 18, 2011 6:22PM

Israel continues its illegal settlement activities despite international condemnation.
An American political activist says that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict can only be solved if the victims of Israel’s crimes put an end to Tel Aviv’s activities.

In an interview with Press TV, political activist and author of Hidden History of Zionism Ralph Schoenman said that Israel had no purpose but to remove the Palestinian people from their homeland and history.

As Israel’s settlement expansion continues, Schoenman stressed that those able to end Israel’s illegal activities are the very victims — “the Palestinian people, and for that matter the settler population, the Jews of Israel who are subject to a colonial regime.”

“That’s the task of the future, the struggle of the population against not just the [Zionist] regime, but the false leadership of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), the Palestinian Authority, which is operated and funded by the Central Intelligence Agency in order to prevent the people of Palestine from acting in their own interests they did during the Intifada.”

According to Schoenman, the future of the Palestinian people and settlers remains questionable as long as Israel, in which human rights depend on ethnicity and religious affiliations, stays in power.

According to data from the Palestinian Information Center, Israel has demolished 995 Palestinian homes and displaced 5,783 people — among them 3,109 children — in the occupied al-Quds since the start of 2000.

Tel Aviv has defied the international community by continuing its settlement construction activities on occupied Palestinian territories.


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