Jerusalem MPs: Israel imposing new political, demographic facts

[ 19/01/2011 – 10:23 AM ]


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Jerusalem MPs and its former minister, who are threatened with banishment from the holy city, said that the Israeli occupation planned completion of the “Jerusalem envelope” aims at isolating more Arab suburbs and evicting more Arab residents.

They said in a press release on Tuesday that the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) was trying to impose new de facto conditions on the ground in Jerusalem and its environs.

They charged the IOA with trying to achieve new demographic and political goals, noting that it was trying to reduce the Arab population, which now accounts for 35% of the inhabitants.

The IOA plans to double Judaization and settlement projects while at the same time wiping out Islamic and Christian landmarks in the holy city, the lawmakers explained.

MP Ahmed Attoun said that what is happening in Jerusalem is the result of the “frivolous negotiations” after the Palestinian negotiating team agreed to negotiate over the holy city.

The isolation wall surrounding the city was built after the negotiations, the legislator pointed out.

He finally called on Arabs and Muslims to rise up in defense of Jerusalem and its inhabitants.

Jerusalem MPs: Israel imposing new political, demographic facts.

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