An Unexpected Gift in Bag of Israeli Biscuits

PNN – Palestine News Network – 20.01.11 – 10:47

Osama Awad – PNN – Samir Khoury, owner of a grocery store in Beit Sahour in the southern West Bank, was surprised to find a large piece of iron in a delivery of Israeli biscuits on Thursday.


A piece of iron in a bag of Israeli biscuits (Ahid Jerayseh, PNN).

Khoury told PNN that he was carrying the bag to the shelf when he noticed the piece of iron, thinking it was a pen or a special prize. He now believes it had fallen from a piece of machinery in a factory during packaging.

“This type of biscuits is very popular, especially among mothers and children,” said Khoury, referring to the bag of Papa Shadou Brothers biscuits, but added he would not sell the product anymore for fear of injuring customers.

PNN – Palestine News Network – An Unexpected Gift in Bag of Israeli Biscuits.

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