Hamas: The release of Abu Assaud was her legal right, not a favor from anyone

[ 20/01/2011 – 10:06 AM ]


DAMASCUS, (PIC)– The Hamas Movement said that the release of female detainee Tamam Abu Assaud was her natural legal right and not a favor from anyone because she was innocent of the alleged attempted assassination of Nablus governor.

Hamas in a press release denounced the Fatah-controlled Palestinian authority (PA) for pressuring Abu Assaud to apologize to de facto president Mahmoud Abbas at a news conference for her fabricated involvement in the attempted assassination of the governor.

It affirmed that the news conference was already recorded and prepared specifically to save face for the PA’s fabricated assassination story and its illegal imprisonment of Abu Assaud who had received a release decision from the higher court of justice days ago.

“We, in Hamas, stress our people’s right to resistance until the expulsion of the occupation from our land, and we will never be deterred by the lies made by those security apparatuses and their attempts to distort the image of resistance fighters through unfounded and fabricated police theatrics,” Hamas underscored.

For his part, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri described the way in which the PA security militias released Abu Assaud as immoral and antinational, affirming she was blackmailed for her freedom.

Spokesman Abu Zuhri told the Palestinian information center (PIC) on Wednesday that Abu Assaud was forced, in exchange for her freedom, to apologize for something she did not actually do in order to justify her detention during the last months.

He highlighted that the release of this woman does not reflect any change in the position of Fatah and its security forces which did not stop their cooperation with the Israeli occupation forces, noting that the latest best example of this was the military trials that were held against seven Palestinian citizens affiliated with Hamas.

During the news conference, which the PA militias were keen on holding off air in case of any emergency, Hamas member Abu Assaud appeared very weak and exhausted as a result of her exposure to torture reciting prepared confessions about the alleged story of the attempted killing of Nablus governor, and thanking Abbas for releasing her.

Legal sources, on condition of anonymity, asserted that PA officers told Abu Assaud what to say under pressure, where two of her sons are still detained in PA and Israeli jails.

Abu Assaud denied in a press statement to the PIC her involvement in anything affecting the international Palestinian situation and affirmed that her apology for Abbas and Nablus governor were a precondition for her release.

The family committee of political detainees in the West Bank said the talk that the release of Abu Assaud was a presidential favor from Abbas is a pathetic play performed by Fatah that refused to comply with an earlier release order issued by the higher court of justice.

The committee stressed that this play emphasized the arrogance of the PA security militias and their persistence in disregarding the judicial decisions issued by the higher court of justice.

It pointed out that it was not the first time the PA militias pressured political detainees in their jails into making statements serving the agenda of security chiefs in the West Bank.

Abu Assaud was kidnapped weeks ago from her home in a brutal manner and was exposed to physical and psychological torture at the hands of PA interrogators. Her son was also kidnapped by the PA and her daughter was summoned for interrogation several times.

Regarding the alleged assassination of Nablus governor, an informed source told the PIC on condition of anonymity that the car which the PA security militias claimed was prepared for an attack on the house of the governor was in fact for a resistance operation against an Israeli military patrol, before the PA militias seized it and fabricated the assassination story in the context of their security cooperation with Israel.

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Hamas: The release of Abu Assaud was her legal right, not a favor from anyone.

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