Jerusalem municipality to destroy 200 graves at Islamic historical cemetery

[ 20/01/2011 – 09:37 AM ]


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Israeli Magistrate court approved a municipality request to excavate 200 graves in Jerusalem’s largest Islamic cemetery, the Aqsa Foundation said.

Several key Islamic figures have been buried at the historic Ma’manullah cemetery.

Israel’s Jerusalem municipality and Land Administration asked the court’s approval to demolish 220 graves, claiming they were built fraudulently during a restoration project, and that Ma’manullah was acquired by the agencies under a absentee property law.

The court later denied requests for a temporary injunction filed by the Aqsa Islamic heritage foundation’s lawyer Mohammed Sulaiman Ighbaria on behalf of the cemetery’s keepers Sami Rizqullah Abu Mukh and Mustafa Abu Zuhra.

The same court made decisions to level 300 other graves four months back following a four month restoration and maintenance project carried out by the Aqsa Foundation.

Jerusalem municipality to destroy 200 graves at Islamic historical cemetery.

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