Jews exploit tree day to expand West Bank settlements

[ 20/01/2011 – 10:14 AM ]


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Extremist Jews will exploit a holiday that begins Thursday to expand internationally illegitimate settlements in the occupied West Bank without lifting a finger for construction.

The rightist Israeli Kahane movement announced plans Wednesday to mark Tu Bishvat celebrations by randomly planting 20,000 trees around settlements in the West Bank. The only rule is that trees must be planted at least a hundred meters outside settlements and with at least 150 centimeters between each tree.

French press quoted an anti-settlement source as saying: “They are not only planting trees but are trying gain land. Instead of homes they are using agriculture.”

Meir Bertlar, an organizer of the plan, said: “The idea is not to plant inside the settlements or outposts but outside. That is so we seize outlying land and tighten Jewish grip on it and stop Arabs from taking over. We will not give lands to our enemies based on various agreements.”

French press quoted Livi Shazin, a leading figure in the participating Chassidai Meir movement, as saying: “There are many objectives. One is to expand settlements in the West Bank.”

“If we plant more trees we take over more land for the Jewish people,” he said.

Jews exploit tree day to expand West Bank settlements.

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