Protests in Shu’fat and Jerusalem Leave 22 Injured

PNN – Palestine News Network -20.01.11 – 09:28

Jerusalem – PNN – At least 22 Palestinians were injured during confrontations with Israeli soldiers in the refugee camp of Shu’fat, while in nearby Jerusalem seven Palestinians were injured during protests in Silwan and Ras al-‘Amoud.


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In Shu’fat, it is unknown how the clashes developed, but local sources say most of the 22 injured suffered from tear gas inhalation, including a woman and three children, while “a number” of Palestinians were wounded by live bullets and taken to the hospital. They’re status is currently unknown.

Local sources said the Israeli troops closed off both exits to the camp during the clashes and forbade ambulances from leaving for some time. They were supported by special forces and a unit of Israeli soldiers dressed as Arabs.

In Jerusalem on Wednesday night, violent confrontations between Palestinians and Israeli forces occurred in the neighborhoods of Ras al-‘Amoud and Silwan. Tear gas, sound bombs, and both live and rubber bullets were reported.

Maher Abdul Wahid, a resident of Silwan, told reporters that clashes began in the al-Bustan neighborhood—the site slated for extensive demolitions by the Jerusalem Municipality in order to make room for a tourist complex—and explained that violence and tension were becoming part of daily life.

The seven injured Palestinians were Muhammad Abu Khatr, Hayyam Abu Khatr, Noura al-Rajibi, Neda al-Rajibi, Alaa Masouda and his wife, and Adam al-Rajibi.

PNN – Palestine News Network – Protests in Shu’fat and Jerusalem Leave 22 Injured.

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