Shin Bet Chief Calls for Border Drawing Before Recognition from Spain

PNN – Palestine News Network –  20.01.11 – 14:59

Nazareth – PNN – London’s Al-Hayat newspaper reported on Thursday that Israeli Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin anticipates that Spain will soon become the first European country to recognize an independent Palestinian state on its 1967 borders, leading to further steps inside Western Europe.


Queen Sofia of Spain greets admirers (PNN Archive).

“The numbers are not as low as many believe,” said Diskin, who became the director of Shin Bet in 2005, “and the prospect of recognition is not far.” The halt in negotiations, said Diskin, was “a blessing for the Palestinians.”

Diskin said the first European nations would soon recognize Palestine since Palestinians had “diagnosed Israel’s weakness” and succeeded in delegitimizing Israel, taken important steps in raising a viable state, and exploited the holes in the relationship between Israel and the United States.

“It is their clear goal to bring this battle to the international stage,” said Diskin, who compared Palestine to a “wily child.”

Diskin said he believed Palestinians would seek international recognition by UN General Assembly vote in September if negotiations remained at a stand-still. He said if Israel wanted to avoid the current “wave of recognitions,” Israeli authorities had to draw borders between Israel and the future Palestinian state.

“If we don’t do that, we will find ourselves stuck in borders that cannot be changed,” he said.

A story from the Israeli online newspaper Ha’aretz said the newest recognitions would come from 12 Caribbean island states.

Source: Al-Hayat London

PNN – Palestine News Network – Shin Bet Chief Calls for Border Drawing Before Recognition from Spain.

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