IOF close Shu’fat checkpoint, attack Palestinians

[ 22/01/2011 – 02:14 PM ]


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Saturday closed the military checkpoint of Shu’fat in occupied Jerusalem after a long night of clashes and detentions.

Local sources reported that school students and citizens from Shu’fat refugee camp, Ras Khamis suburb, and Ras Shehadeh neighborhood, Assalam suburb and Anata town in central Jerusalem were not able today to attend their schools and workplaces after the IOF closed the main checkpoint completely.

Israeli soldiers claimed the police obtained a court decision ordering the closure of this checkpoint after its cadres were hurled with stones by local young men.

The violent clashes for the third consecutive day continued on Friday night between Palestinian citizens and Israeli troops. The clashes reportedly broke out after the IOF tightened movement procedures at Shu’fat checkpoint and attacked school boys and girls.

Seven Palestinians reportedly were shot with rubber bullets by Israeli troops during the events.

Citizens from the camp said that the Israeli occupation authority tends not to open the checkpoint once again and isolate the Palestinian residents there from their holy city.

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IOF close Shu’fat checkpoint, attack Palestinians.

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