Israeli war crime confessions to debut in bookstores this month

[ 22/01/2011 – 04:42 PM ]


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– An Israeli organization has compiled many statements by Israeli soldiers confessing to war crimes against unarmed Palestinians in a book that will be released soon and sold in Europe.

The NGO Breaking the Silence will release this month details of torture and murder incidents committed by 180 soldiers from 2000 to 2009.

Testimonies, tapes and images have already been in circulation, but the soldiers who testified will for the first time ever reveal their identities and faces.

Breaking the Silence founder Yehuda Shaul, who is an ex-soldier, said he aimed to launch debate in Israel about the country’s army.

“[The Israeli army] is corrupting the youth,” Shaul said.

The book, containing first time ever released details, is expected to spark controversy in Israel and the world over.

Breaking the Silence has a membership of 700 former soldiers and activists.

Israeli war crime confessions to debut in bookstores this month.

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