Quds 5: Libya to provide Gaza’s medical needs

[ 22/01/2011 – 03:41 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haneyya hosted the Libyan Quds 5 convoy at the Legislative Council noon Saturday.

He praised Libya for its support of the Palestinian cause and tremendous efforts in breaking the four-year economic blockade Israel has imposed on the Gaza Strip.

“The Libyan delegation came to Gaza confirming the Arab and Islamic duty in the Palestinian cause, and that the Palestinians are not alone in facing the unjust siege,” Haneyya said.

The convoy is sent by the Libyan Permanent Non-government Committee to Support the Palestinian People, and the General Union of Banks in Libya. It is headed by Nouri Abdullah Al Shahawi, secretary-general of the Union of Gold and Precious Metals.

Earlier, the 16-member convoy visited the Health Ministry where it was briefed on the blockade’s impact on the Strip’s deteriorating medical condition.

Shahawi confirmed his country was prepared to supply the Gaza Strip with all lacking medical supplies. Contacts to materialize that had been in progress, he said.

The ministry’s director general Yousef al-Mudallil reported warehouses were missing 190 medicines and 165 medical supplies.

Israel’s use of internationally banned weapons in the Gaza war two years ago has prompted several health concerns in the region including the spread of cancer.

Quds 5 discussed building a Libyan hospital in Gaza. The project had already been brought to Libyan officials. Mudallil asked the Libyan delegation to consider the ministry’s project of building of a center for radiation treatment of cancer patients.

Quds 5: Libya to provide Gaza’s medical needs.

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