Trucks rally in Gaza after Israel, PA sign deal to close crossing

[ 22/01/2011 – 02:22 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Dozens of trucks rallied Saturday morning in Gaza to condemn closure of the Karni commercial crossing in eastern Gaza.

Israeli and PA authorities had undersigned an agreement to block the crossing.

The convoy took course from Palestine Square in downtown Gaza to Palestinian Legislative Committee headquarters in the western part of the city.

Demonstrators accused the Ramallah finance minister of participating in the Gaza siege by signing the deal. They argued that Gaza should not be subject to decisions by the West Bank-ruling PA.

The crossing, used to import flour and other commodities, has been closed off for over ten days.

Palestinian officials forecasted the crossing’s closure would trigger a critical shortage in Gaza’s basic markets.

Gazans have become totally dependant on the Karam Abu Salem border crossing located east of Rafah for the import of goods.

Trucks rally in Gaza after Israel, PA sign deal to close crossing.

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