Gaza Interior Ministry: Phenomenon of Israeli agents in Gaza is fading

[ 23/01/2011 – 11:08 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Gaza Interior Minister Fathi Hammad said the phenomenon of Israeli agents in Gaza is fading thanks to efforts made by his ministry.

The interior has offered immunity placed harsher sanctions on ex-agents, Hammad said.

Israel is trying to change its methods using modern technology, he said. But the Palestinians have gotten a great level of awareness. He said the Gaza interior ministry will not allow agents to mobilize and operate in Gaza territory.

Israel has been cooperating with elements from Fatah, he added. An agent for Israel had been operating in the former authority in Gaza, and he had been recruiting Fatah elements and transmitting information he learned from them to Israel instead of Ramallah as he claimed.

No political prisoners in Gaza

“There are no Fatah supporters we have arrested for political affiliation,” Hammad said in reponse to accusations that Hamas was holding Fatah leaders.

The minister said prisons were opened to the Palestinian Legislative Council’s Fatah representative Ashraf Jumaa, who claimed the interior ministry was holding Fatah affiliates who went on hunger strike. He sat with all prisoners and verified that the accusations have no ties to reality, the Minister of Interior said.

Gaza Interior Ministry: Phenomenon of Israeli agents in Gaza is fading.

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