Hamas: Egypt, Arab security our strategic depth

[ 23/01/2011 – 06:37 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Hamas expressed concern over a statement by Egyptian interior minister Habib Adly in which he charged Army of Islam in Gaza of responsibility for the blast in an Alexandria church.

The movement said in a statement on Sunday that Egyptian and Arab security is a top priority for Hamas, which considers Egypt and the Arab world a strategic depth. Hamas would never condone any tampering with that security, it elaborated.

“Hamas leads resistance against Israeli occupation inside Palestine and had not and would not allow any struggle with any other party outside Palestine.”

The movement said, “Our relations with Christians across history was always good and we will not accept any meddling with such relationship. This is why we condemned the church explosion on the first day and extended condolences to Egypt and families of the victims”.

Hamas said it was confident the Israeli Mossad (foreign intelligence) was responsible for such crimes to mix up cards, recalling that many Israeli spy rings were busted in Egypt.

For his part, Taher Al-Nunu, the Palestinian government’s spokesman in Gaza, expressed readiness during a press conference on Sunday to cooperate with the Egyptian concerned authorities over the charges voiced against the Army of Islam.

He said that the government was prepared to investigate the given facts, when tabled, and to reveal the truth.

Nunu stressed that relations with Egypt would remain strong, and the Arab and Egyptian security would remain a priority for his government, affirming the good relations with Arab and Palestinian Christians.

He said that there were no Al-Qaeda cells in the Strip, and that all Palestinian factions direct their guns only at the “Zionist enemy” in a bid to end the occupation and the siege imposed on the Palestinian people.

The Egyptian minister on Sunday accused the Army of Islam in Gaza of perpetrating the suicide attack that killed 23 people and wounded tens others three weeks ago, adding that it was affiliated with Al-Qaeda.

The Army of Islam denied any involvement in the incident.

Hamas: Egypt, Arab security our strategic depth.

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