Turkish PM says Israel’s Gaza flotilla inquiry lacks credibility

Jan 23, 2011 |  | Al Bawaba


Turkey’s prime minister on Sunday dismissed an Israeli inquiry’s findings defending the actions of the Israeli army in the raid against a Turkish-led flotilla to Gaza last year. According to the AP, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the Israeli report had “no value or credibility.”

The Israeli inquiry concluded that the actions of the Israeli commando soldiers were legal under international law. The Israeli raiding troops killed nine Turks on board.

The Israeli inquiry commission offered some criticism of the way the takeover was planned, but overall the commission’s conclusions exonerated the government, the military and individual soldiers of wrongdoing.

The report released Sunday concluded the decision to intercept the flotilla in international waters and the soldiers’ use of lethal force “were found to be legal pursuant to the rules of international law.”

via Turkish PM says Israel’s Gaza flotilla inquiry lacks credibility | Al Bawaba.

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