UK officer: Britain involved in the torture of detainees in PA jails in W. Bank

[ 23/01/2011 – 06:38 PM ]


NAZARETH, (PIC)– Senior British officer James MacInnis admitted that Britain are involved in the torture of Palestinian political detainee in the Palestinian authority’s jails in the West Bank and provide financial support for the PA in this regard.

MacInnin, who in charge of the training program for top security officials from the Palestinian authority (PA), made these remarks following a report issued by the Arab organization for human rights in London saying that the PA has been torturing prisoners affiliated with Hamas for years.

According to this report, torture techniques used in PA prisons included shabh (hanging) of all kinds, beatings with cables, pulling out nails, suspension from the ceiling, flogging, kicking, cursing, electric shocks, sexual harassment and the threat of rape.

At least six Palestinians have died under torture in PA prisons and many former detainees have permanent physical disabilities, the report found.

The human rights organization said that it has documented such “crimes” for three years, from October 2007 to October 2010.

During that period, the report said, PA security forces in the West Bank detained 8, 640 Palestinians at a rate of eight arrests per day.

“Every one of those detainees has been subject to humiliating and degrading treatment, and stayed in cells for more than 10 days,” the report said. “The analysis shows that an astonishing 95 percent of the detainees were subjected to severe torture, others feeling the detrimental effects on their health for varying periods.”

The report also found that 77 percent of those who had been detained by the PA security forces had been arrested in the past by Israel.

Representatives of the organization met with victims, or their relatives, and distributed a questionnaire, in secret, to detainees who were held in PA prisons.

“Men and women from all sectors of Palestinian society have been subject to arrest and torture,” the report noted. “These include students, workers, teachers, doctors, engineers, university professors and lawyers.”

UK officer: Britain involved in the torture of detainees in PA jails in W. Bank.

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