Hamas: Al-Jazeera’s papers unveiled plans to liquidate the Palestinian cause

[ 24/01/2011 – 11:24 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The Hamas Movement said that the confidential documents leaked by Al-Jazeera satellite channel about the peace talks between the Fatah-controlled Palestinian authority (PA) and Israel is very serious poof of the PA’s involvement in attempts to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri told the Palestinian information center (PIC) that these documents revealed the PA’s attempts to undermine the Palestinian people’s rights, especially the right of return and the holy city as well as its cooperation with Israel against the Palestinian resistance and its involvement in the blockade and the last war on Gaza.

“We consider these documents are further evidence of the security and political decadence which the PA stooped to,” spokesman Abu Zuhri underscored.

For his part, Abdulsatter Qassem, a noted professor of political science in Nablus city, said that the documents which were disclosed by Al-Jazeera satellite channel about the process of negotiation between the PA and Israel and the consequent serious concessions made by the PA were known by many circles inside and outside Palestine.

Qassem in a statement to the PIC said that the PA negotiator was never honest with its people. “The whole issue should be returned to its root. Look for the origin of the negotiator, where he came from, how they came and on what ground he was standing?”

The professor pointed out that any Arab peace talks with Israel are always based on the protection of its security and any Arab party refusing to accept that would not be allowed by Israel to take part in these talks.

Al-Jazeera channel on Sunday started to unveil 1, 600 documents about the PA-Israeli talks, the first part of them showed considerable generous concessions made by the PA negotiation team without getting anything in return, especially with regard to the issues of Jerusalem, refugees, borders and security.

The channel initially presented documents related to the concessions made by the PA regarding the issue of Jerusalem and will show gradually in the coming days other documents related to the security cooperation with Israel, Gaza war and Goldstone report.

Among the documents are maps for the proposed Palestinian state prepared by PA negotiators.

In a meeting on the fourth of May 2008, the PA delegation headed by chief negotiator Ahmed Qurei gave their Israeli counterparts these maps, together with Qurei’s confirmation that there was a common interest in retaining some of the Israeli settlements in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

According to figures mentioned in these maps, the rate of land swap between the two sides in south Jerusalem was one percent for the Palestinians and 50 percent for Israelis.

The maps also illustrates that the PA offered to concede all of east Jerusalem as a historic concession for Israel in return for getting lands in places other than the holy city.

According to the leaked documents, PA negotiators privately discussed with Americans and Israelis in different meetings in 2008 and 2009 the possibility of giving Israel what they called the biggest Yerushalayim in history and giving up part of the flashpoint Arab neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah.

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Hamas: Al-Jazeera’s papers unveiled plans to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

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