PA continues torture of Islamic Jihad elements in Jenin

[ 24/01/2011 – 11:14 AM ]


JENIN, (PIC)– PA security agencies continue to hold four elements from the Islamic Jihad Movement over a shooting at a west Jenin checkpoint last Thursday.

The militias had launched an arrest campaign in Jenin after Salim Samoudi, a member of Islamic Jihad’s military wing, was shot dead last week when he fired at Israeli soldiers at the Mapuduttan checkpoint

Khadir Adnan, one of the movement’s key elements, was severely beaten while in detention, the movement said.

It has taken several measures to protect its own.

Adeeb Samoudi, Murad Nawahida and Samir Jabr have been held by the PA for the fourth straight day in an attempt to learn the identities of the men behind the Samoudi operation.

Thousands of Jihad supporters had rallied in Gaza to condemn Fatah-Israeli security cooperation and the PA’s policy of political arrests in the West Bank.

They marched from Palestine Square, downtown Gaza to the Unknown Soldier Square.

“The march comes to express rejection of the policy of arrests and abuses of fighters, the arrest of Khadir Adnan being the most recent,” said the movement.

Senior Islamic Jihad official Dawud Shehab had threatened to disclose the names of the security officers who physically assaulted Adnan and other elements.

“We have the names of the individuals who attacked Khadir Adnan and those who attacked other movement elements. Do not compel us to reveal their names so that they then become persecuted,” Shehab said.

“The movement does not want an escalation, but it will not remain silent about attacks on its elements,” he added.

PA continues torture of Islamic Jihad elements in Jenin.

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