Torture | Why are you crying?

Suhail Abu al-Ata complained in the December 17th press conference that he and other

detainees were forced to strip and salute an army officer, and later to kiss each others

buttocks. They were deprived of food for three days and forced to sleep in the open. He

said conditions in early December improved after a visit by Red Cross representatives.


Israeli newspapers have been more successful than Palestinian papers in getting stories

about the abuse of detainees in Aansar 2 past the censor. Al Hamishmar daily interviewed

one detainee from Ansar 2 whose experience so terrified and humiliate him that he

insisted in anonymity. This particular story has been reprinted in other accounts of Ansar 2

as an example of the sadistic behavior of the soldiers toward the youth.


“they stripped us of everything but our underwear. Five soldiers opened the window s and

for 10-15 minutes beat my friend while I was waiting for my turn. They bet him on all parts of

his body, with their fists, clubs and the butts of their guns, and they also kicked him. When

they finished beating him, they forced him to insert a cucumber into his anus. They

pressured him into forcing it into the end. After that a soldier hit me in the face, and punched

me in my genitals. He passed me to the five soldiers who were beating my friend. I refused

to insert the cucumber in my rear like my friend. They got angry and beat me severely.

There is no estimate the psychological damage for young boys exposed to such calculated



” We, as lawyers, see bad treatment toward the detainees, “ said Mohammed Abu

Shabban. But much of the ill treatment is not visible to the few lawyers allowed to visit the

detainees or the infrequent visits of the Red Cross. “Many of the boys are crying in court,”

said one lawyer who defends political detainees. “Once a judge demanded from a boy

“Why are you crying?’ What can you say to him?”





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