Abbas calls on Egypt to intervene in internal crisis

[ 25/01/2011 – 03:31 PM ]


CAIRO, (PIC)– Secret documents leaked by Al-Jazeera Monday have embarrased de facto Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas.

According to the documents, Palestinian negotiators forfeited large areas of Jerusalem to the Israelis.

Abbas asked Egypt to intervene with Qatari Emir Hamd bin Khalifa Al Thani to put an end to what he called an attempt to tarnish the image of the Palestinian Authority before the Arab world.

He said the PA briefed all Arab nations on developments in negotiations with Israel during every stage.

Egypt has expressed support for Abbas and is trying to contain the crisis and is working with him to prove the leaks are a lie against the PA, although Fatah and PLO members and international media outlets had already authenticated the documents.

Rakha Ahmed Hassan, Egypt’s assistant foreign minister, discussed the possibility of Arab intervention to prevent rising tensions between Qatar and the PA after Palestinian officials said Doha was to blame for the leaks.

He said the documents will rouse suspicions over the strategy used to administer negotiations.

Abbas, who was visiting Egyptian President Hosni Al-Mubarak when the documents were published, said he did not offer secret concessions to Israel.

He said all talks he made with the Israelis were fully explained to Arab states as had been documented.

Abbas calls on Egypt to intervene in internal crisis.

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