Junaid detainees delay their hunger strike

[ 24/01/2011 – 10:20 AM ]


NABLUS, (PIC)– Palestinian detainees in the PA jail of Junaid in Nablus have decided to delay their hunger strike that was scheduled to start on Monday in protest at their continued detention and their trial at military courts.

Relatives of the detainees told the PIC on Sunday that the decision was made after PA “officials” promised to sit and discuss with them means of solving their issue.

The relatives noted that the detainees had decided to go on an open-ended hunger strike until death or freedom if their case was not resolved.

They affirmed that the detainees had been wrongly tried at military courts, which are not concerned with civilians, and were sentenced to long years most of them to five years behind bars.

The detainees had asked for their release or at least a re-trial at civilian courts in addition to improving their imprisonment conditions and providing medical treatment for those who need it.

Junaid detainees delay their hunger strike.

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