January 24, 2011 posted by Debbie Menon

You cannot impose a “slow death” on an already dead horse. Once the horse is dead, he is dead! All you can do is beat him. Even under the worst of beatings, he will not get back up!

The Guardian says:

Secret papers reveal slow death of Middle East peace process

And in Al Jazeera:

“The biggest Yerushalayim”

“PA offered to concede almost all of East Jerusalem, an historic concession for which Israel offered nothing in return.”

What is it called when someone who has no legal right to represent or speak for a people, “gives away” land which belongs to them to someone who has no legal right to exist as a nation and who have never registered the protocols which are internationally required to be recognized as a sovereign state, such as territorially defined borders, a Constitution, etc. ?

A couple of years ago Palestine conducted the first free and open election in the Middle East.  HAMAS emerged the victor, the openly elected Governing body for Palestine, yet Fatah and Israel have done everything in their power, forcefully, openly and illegally, to prevent the first truely “democratically elected” government in the Middle East from taking up office and the seats of Government.

Israel, sometimes touted, usually erroneously, as the “only Democratic State” in the Middle East, can certainly not afford to have a true “Democratically” established State emerge in the Middle East and show its face on the same stage.

With the PLO illegally fronting and stooging for the Israelis as the “spokesman and representative” of the Palestinian people and their “government,” it is obvious that, sooner or later, something must be done about HAMAS.

Having a few countries name them as “Terrorists,” was a beginning, but it was inadequate to make them fade out and go away, which is what Israel and their toadies in the PLO need if they are to preserve or create any semblance at all of legitimacy for the PLO, or the PLA as it now calls itself.  Failing that, any treaties or agreements made and signed with and by the PLA will always be subject to dispute in any international Court.

The British have apparently been assigned the job as reliable and trusty proxies for Israel who does not do any more of it’s own dirty work or “fighting” than is absolutely essential.  Why should they when they have the US of A and the UK to do it for them ?  They did the same thing when it came to dealing with Christ a couple of thousand years ago and got the Romans to get rid of him!  Romans to do it! A tried and proven stratagem.  Clean hands, clean hearts.

The fact that these “Palestine papers” were leaked from the Palestinian Negotiating Support Unit ( NSU), a PLO organization or Agency, is significant, and I wonder exactly why they were “leaked,” by whom, under whose authority and for what purpose?

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