Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle continue on background of degradation of Israeli legitimacy

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When the Israeli leaders and high-ranking officers are afraid to go abroad because of pending war crimes indictments. When their anger and incitement are directed to the Israeli dissidents opposing 1967 occupation, the joint struggle continue and draw wider spectrum of Israeli radicals. The joint struggle expand even within the 1948 borders. Al-Araqeeb, Lod and Taibe (1948) and (1967) Beit Ummar, Bil’in, Al Ma’sara, Nabi Salih, Ni’ilin, Sheikh Jarrah, South of Hebron mountains.


“Police fire sponge bullets at Israeli citizens in al-Araqib

The Bedouin village of Al-Araqeeb was destroyed for the 9th time on Sunday morning in the wasteland of Israeli democracy. Today police forces were back in Al-Araqib destroying make-shift structures which had been erected over night. Villagers resisting the takeover have been arrested and beaten, with eyewitnesses reporting use of sponge bullets. Based on villagers’ and activists’ accounts, the state is planning a major offense to erase the village once and for all in order to make room for a forest to be planted by the Jewish National Fund (JNF).

As I write this, a group of Israeli citizens are standing in their family graveyard. The graveyard has stood in the same spot of land in the middle of Negev for the past eighty years. If they leave the area of the graveyard, they will be arrested. They remain in the graveyard watching their village being destroyed in front their eyes. Israeli activists from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem [of the AAtW, Ta’ayus, Solidarity Sheikh Jarrah and others] who joined them report that the police are firing sponge bullets to encourage the people to leave the graveyard. Between 6 and 13 people have been arrested for refusing to leave the village. Some of the arrested are reportedly being taken to the hospital due to police brutality during the arrests. The citizens standing in the graveyard are Bedouin and the state is erasing their village in order to plant a forest.

Since the summer of 2010, Israel has leveled the village of al-Araqeeb nine times. According to a press release from the Israeli activists group Hithabrut-Tarabut,

Tuesday, 18.1.11 early morning, a contingent of the anarchists against the wall and others went to El Arakib to defy the use of the Day Of Planting for transfer of the Araqeeb Bedouins, after the 10th demolition:

Sunday, Be’er Sheva court farce

Activists demonstrated out of the court while the judge laundered the transfer activities of state against the indigenous Bedouins.…36554

Beit Ummar

The demonstrators organized themselves in front of the wall in a large peace sign, with each person holding a picture of Pollak’s face. This was in order to send a message to the world that the people of Bil’in are standing in peace against the occupation and the effect it has on those who take action against the it. The soldiers responded with spraying the demonstrators standing in the peace sign with waste water contaminated with chemicals, followed by tear gas, sound bombs, and rubber bullets. Dozens of people suffered from tear gas inhalation and from being sprayed with the waste water.
Israel before 14 hours, 29 minutes

Bil’in & Ma’sara

Solidarity with Jonathan Pollak

Two Friday demonstrations in the West Bank has been dedicated to the day of solidarity with the Speaker of the popular committees against the wall and settlements, Jonathan Pollak, one of the founders of the AAtW, who began serving a week ago three months imprisonment. The army responded with gas and arrests.

In Bil’in two hundred protesters [50 Israelis, about this number Internationals, and Palestinian of the village and from the region], marched to the separation fence and called for their release. When demo reached the fence, protesters formed a peace symbol-shaped, pose it on purpose to send the pictures to jail Hermon, where Jonathan is incarcerated. Then few demonstrators entered the route of the the fence to protect the barrier, hang the pictures on the electronic fence. The army was quick to intervene smelly skunk spraying water, the wind carried back at the soldiers.

The Eastern wind prevented the swift dispersing of demo with tear gas as the state force usually do, and the demonstration lasted another hour, facing some more skunk water and rather small amount of tear gas. The demonstrators were able to tear some of the outer fence, and some youths threw stones at the truck skunk. The relatively low level of violence of the army can be explained by the wind that also “benefited” the soldiers with skunk water tear gas, but mostly as a crew of Israeli TV 2 accompanied protesters.

Despite the media presence that caused the army to change the patterns of activity in the extreme, they could not restrain themselves long enough, and at the end of the demonstration after its end was declared and everyone began to return to the village the soldiers decided to cross the fence and run after the departing people, and started a massive fire of tear gas for about half an hour after the end of the demonstration. It will be interesting to see how the events will be reported in the Israeli TV 2.

Al Ma’sara

“Meanwhile in Ma’sara a smaller parade was held. 15 Israelis and few internationals joined a score of the villagers. They carried pictures of Jonathan Polk who was often arrested at the demonstration area. They were stopped by soldiers at the exit from the village towards the fence, not yet built. As the soldiers did not allow the march of protesters to exit from the village, most of them set on the road in protest. After few minutes, a high ranking officer hollered on the soldiers commanding them to push the demonstrators towards the village. Gradually the demo was dispersed. One Israeli demonstrator was arrested when he tried to bypass the soldiers.”

Link to pictures

Nabi Salih

Protesters break the siege on Nabi Salih

This Friday the Nabi Salih demonstration against the occupation started in the neighboring village Beit Rima, from which a march to Nabi Salih went directly through the army post. Some 60 people marched through the road chanting songs of resistance. The army kept retreating until it stopped near Nabi Saleh village and allowed the protesters to pass through and arrive to Nabi Salih. Every Friday the Israeli army blocks all road entrances to Nabi Salih as a collective punishment measure for demonstrating. This time the demonstrators’ first act was to break this siege.

After reaching the village, the demonstrators attempted to continue walking through the main street but were violently stopped by the army soldiers using stun grenades. One 10 year old boy was attacked by a soldier with pepper spray. After a while protesters went away from the soldiers. Some youth attempted to ward off the army incursion by stone throwing. The army took control of several roofs in the village, and used tear gas extensively inside the village populated area. Some youth managed to escape the army grip on the village and clashed with soldiers in the surrounding hill

Israel Puterman video: From Beit Rime to An Nabi Salih 21-1-11

Nights raids

During the last two weeks, the military has started using another familiar mode of oppression against the courageous people of Nabi-Salih – frequent night raids including house visits. Up until tonight, most of the incursions were focused on photographing the village youth, mainly of minors, and in many cases even of kids under 12 (not criminally liable).

Tonight, (Saturday) at around 2AM, the soldiers violently arrested a 14 years old in his house. He is currently anticipating interrogation.

Our friends would highly appreciate our presence in the village during the coming nights.

Please contact or 052-xxxxxxx (SMS would be much preferable during the day, thanks) if you can join tonight. Contact details for the rest of the week will be posted soon.


This Tuesday, 181\11 at the protest tent – Hellen Keller st. corner of Hamasger st. 18:00 – Vigil 19:00 Music Show:


Pictures of Struggle 21-1-2011 By Ahmad Melseh

Sheik Jarrah

See how Israeli occupation police tries to oppress violently the Palestinian-Jewish grassroots protest against the ethnic cleansing in the occupied East Jerusalem

Link to Demonstration 21/1/2011 Pictures

South of Hebron Mountain

“On Saturday January 22nd, 2011 we will visit the Southern Hebron Hills to clean water cisterns demolished by the army.

The Palestinian residents of the Southern Hebron Hills are dependent for their water supply on cisterns, located between the villages. The Civil Administration recently demolished 13 of these cisterns. The settlers and the military also prevent the Palestinians from accessing other cisterns in order to perform maintenance work, necessary to guarantee that the water drawn from them can still be used.”
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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle continue on background of degradation of Israeli legitimacy – Anarkismo.

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