Egypt suspends cell phone service of activists

by Seham on January 26, 2011 · 0 comments

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I’m relying on tweets for news this morning and they are sporadic as the Egyptian regime has cut almost all communication to the outside world. You can follow activists on twitter by following #Jan25 and #Egypt, here are some recent tweets to give you an idea of what is happening:

-Vodafone ADSL and Etisalat blocked all Google services. Gtalk, Gmail and blogspot. #Jan25
-Mubarak’s failing regime thugs aka: police r detaining injured civilians from hospitals #jan25
-Aljazeera corresp in #Cairo: #Egypt police preventing ppl from organizing funerals of their dead for fear of attracting crowds #Jan25
#Egypt police preempting any gatherings by deploying massively & beating anyone who looks like they want to demonstrate #Jan25
-The Situation is DRASTIC in #Egypt full #censorship is in action right now. HELP IS NEEDED NOW! #Sidibouzid #Jan25 #OpEgypt
-activists begin to gather at Abu Suleiman Street in #Alexandria. #jan25 #Egypt
-Egyptian police uses “sewerage” water against protestors in Tanta #Jan25
-Ambulance sirens drown the call to prayer #jan25 #egypt
– @VodafoneEgypt, @Mobinil, @EtisalatMisr helped the gov to suspend activists cell phone numbers #Jan25
-CONFIRMED: Egypt is suspending cell phone lines of activists #JAN25
-Sources in Sinai: protesters trying to storm police station in Sheikh Zwayed, police responding with tear gas. #jan25
-6 activists have just been arrested in Mahalla, says @mar3e. #Jan25

Egypt forbids Protests a Day after it was Shaken by Thousands of Demonstrators, 3 Killed, Juan Cole
Egypt was wracked by demonstrations on Tuesday’s “Day of Rage,” called for by the April 6 committee of youth activists on social media last week. The protesters were hoping to profit from the momentum for reform in the region created by the Tunisian revolution, which forced the Ben Ali regime from power nearly two weeks ago.

The First martyr in Egypt : Mustapha Rajab Mahmoud

Fourth Egyptian dies as a result of protests
CAIRO, Jan 26 (Reuters) – A fourth Egyptian died in hospital on Wednesday as a result of protests the previous day that were staged to call for an end to President Hosni Mubarak’s 30-year rule, a medical source said.

Gamal Mubarak reportedly flees Egypt, Longtime president’s son once seen as likely successor
The son of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Gamal Mubarak, has reportedly fled Egypt for the UK with his family. Unconfirmed reports out of Cairo say the younger Mubarak boarded a private jet bound for London with his family and nearly one hundred pieces of luggage. His departure, if confirmed, comes after a day of unprecedented mass protests in the streets of Cairo and other cities throughout Egypt. Over 30,000 people gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square to protest the Mubarak regime, which has run the country for 30 years under a state of emergency and with little tolerance for dissent. One riot police officer has been confirmed killed, and about 600 people were arrested in the Cairo protests. Gamal Mubarak’s departure from Egypt comes on the heels of Tunisian President Ben Ali’s flight from Tunisia following violent anti-government protests in Tunis.

Thousands Protest in Egypt in Largest Popular Challenge to Mubarak in 30 Years
Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets across Egypt in the largest popular challenge to longtime President Hosni Mubarak since he came into office 30 years ago. Drawing inspiration from the recent uprising in Tunisia, an estimated crowd of 15,000 packed Cairo’s Tahrir Square. We go to Cairo to speak with independent journalist and blogger, Hossam Hamalawy.

Egypt protests: ‘We ran a gauntlet of officers beating us with sticks’
Jack Shenker, the Guardian’s reporter in Cairo, was beaten and arrested alongside protesters in the capital last night. He made this remarkable recording while locked in the back of a security forces truck next to dozens of protesters. Listen to the audio

Thousands join Cairo protests
Thousands of protesters are marching in Cairo, the Egyptian capital, to demand that Hosni Mubarak, the president, step down. They clashed with riot police in a rare show of strength by the people. Many in the crowds called for a Tunisian style ousting of Mubarak. Rawya Rageh reports from Cairo.

‘Remarkable scenes’ at Cairo protests
Anti-government protests have broken out in Egypt after an internet campaign inspired by the uprising in Tunisia.

Cairo erupts as Egyptian protesters demand Mubarak resign
Twitter reportedly inaccessible.  Tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets across Egypt Tuesday, facing down a massive police presence to demand the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak in protests inspired by Tunisia’s popular uprising.  Gamal Mubarak, son of President Hosni Mubarak, had fled the country along with his family, according to the Adnkronos International news service.

Two Egyptian protesters, one police officer killed in anti-govt. protests

Journalist ‘trapped and beaten’ in Egypt

MB: We didn’t participate in Tahrir Square demonstrations
The Muslim Brotherhood (MB), Egypt’s largest opposition group, says it did not take part in a demonstration held in Cairo’s central Tahrir Square on Tuesday, one of several “Day of Rage” protests held in several cities throughout the country.

Twitter BLOCKED In Egypt As Demonstrations Turn Violent
As protestors fill Egypt in rare public demonstrations against President Hosni Mubarak, Twitter has been blocked, according to reports.

Today in Egypt
This amazing video (h/t Blake Hounshell) is from today in Cairo, where tens of thousands of Egyptians have taken to the streets in a day of unprecedented protest. We hope to run an on the ground report later today, but in the meantime you can get news by following #jan25 on Twitter.

Picture: The scene at the protest at the Lawyers Syndicate in Cairo

Must see picture: Tahrir square taken over by protesters

Cairo … tonight

AP: A demonstrator defaces a poster of Egyptian President Hosni

Demonstrators calling on soldiers to join them. This is AMAZING.

Egyptian demonstrators hold up placards

Egyptian anti-government protests – in pictures

More Protest pics

Anti-Govt Protesters Tearing Pictures of the Egyptian Dictator

Police attack @ 1:20am in cairo, egypt, downtown Tahrir.mp4

Check out all the women protesting

Tear Gas in Tahrir

Banner: “Down with the corrupt regime”

Chasing the Egyptian riot police

More protest videos

#Jan25 Mansoura protesters smash NDP office

Egypt: The January 25 Demonstrations in Photographs

Egypt anti-govt protests escalate
Thousands call for Tunisia-style ouster of president Hosni Mubarak as US, an ally, says government there is “stable” .

Protests in Egypt and unrest in Middle East – as it happened
• Cairo a ‘war zone’ as demonstrators demand president quit
• Protests continue in Tunisia and Lebanon
• Click here for summary of key events so far

Thousands of Egyptian protesters clash with police
Protesters take to the streets of Cairo to demonstrate against political repression and unemployment under President Hosni Mubarak. It is unclear if the protests in Egypt will mimic those in Tunisia, leading to revolt against the government.  Thousands of Egyptian protesters inspired by the revolt in Tunisia rushed police and battled tear gas Tuesday in demonstrations against the political repression and unemployment that have defined three decades of rule by President Hosni Mubarak.,0,231256.story

Live updates: Opposition groups protest on Police Day

O Mubarak
Egyptians and Sudanese are the best people when it comes to slogans and chants.  Today, in Egypt: demonstrators chanted:
يا مبارك, يا مبارك.  السعوديّة بإتنظارك
O Mubarak.  O Mubarak.  Saudi Arabia is waiting for you.

Egypt’s protests, told by #Jan25
Cairo’s streets erupted in protest today and Twitter and other social media sites made it clear that today was a big day for Egypt’s opposition.

Egypt suspends cell phone service of activists–.

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