If true, it is treason

[ 25/01/2011 – 04:46 AM ]

By Khalid Amayreh

If al-Jazeera’s Sunday night’s revelations about the secrets of several years of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) are true (and I don’t have the slightest doubt that they are) then we can’t escape the conclusion that whoever made these startling concessions to the Zionist regime is a traitor.

He is a traitor to Palestine, a traitor to its people, a traitor to its martyrs and a traitor to  multitudes of  political and  resistance  prisoners  languishing behind bars in Israeli jails.

Al-Jazeera said it obtained as many as 1600 documents, which are actually minutes of meetings between PA, Israeli and American officials.

According  to these leaked documents, PA negotiators agreed effectively to give Israel the bulk of  East Jerusalem, liquidate the right of return for Palestinian refugees and swap “occupied land  with occupied land.”

The PA also agreed to serve and act as a security subcontractor for Israel by hounding, arresting, tormenting and even torturing Palestinians suspected of involvement in the resistance against Israel.

Al-Jazeera is scheduled to reveal more damning leaked documents about other negotiation issues, including the refugees and security coordination.

The documents will lay exposed the stupidity, irresponsibility and inferiority of PA negotiators and officials.

Deeply embarrassed and dumbfounded by the stunning  revelations, PA operatives and officials were visibly shaken and quite at loss explaining what really happened.

Sa’eb Ereikat, whose signature was  prominently shown on many of the leaked papers, tried in vain to evade the real issue, berating al-Jazeera for choosing the wrong time for making the revelations.

Other PA officials denied the authenticity of the papers, alleging that some of them were actually fabricated.

However, the likelihood that the papers were fabricated or doctored seems  extremely low, given the fact that the personal signatures of PA, Israeli and American officials are placed on them.

In addition to expressing its willingness to give most of occupied East Jerusalem to the illegitimate Zionist regime, the PA also reportedly showed a serious willingness to make massive concessions on the other central issue, namely the refugees.

The PA reportedly offered to accept the return to occupied Palestine (1948) of only 100, 000 of the refugees who were uprooted from their homes at gunpoint. However, the  return would be carried out in ten years, whereby 10,000 refugees would be repatriated per year.

Treason in broad daylight

Surely, we never expected the PA to replicate the example of Sallahuddin. They are too undignified to earn such an honor.

At the same time, many Palestinians occasionally sought to assure ourselves that the PA would stick to the Palestinian national constants, which virtually all Palestinian political and resistance factions had agreed to.  These continued, more or less,  to form the very minimum Palestinian could call a consensus.

Now, even this patchy consensus is being ruptured and abandoned by these people who claim to be the guardians of the Palestinian dream of freedom and independence.

The current Palestinian leadership is simply lying to the Palestinian people through its teeth. It is indulging in acts that could be described as treacherous and treasonous outright.

This is more than just a betrayal of precious and long-held national goals and aspirations.  This is treason, pure and simple.

I am saying treason because none has authorized Mahmoud Abbas, Sa’eb Ereikat, Ahmed Qrei’ and the rest of the choir to compromise or sell out the inalienable rights of our people.

Jerusalem after all is the patrimony of the entire Muslim Umma. In the final  analysis,  Omar Ibn Al-Khattab didn’t enter the holy city for the sake of Arab nationalism, nor did Sallahuddin liberate it from the hands of the Franks for the same reason.

Ceding the city, or large parts of it, to the Zionists is therefore a disgraceful  betrayal not only of  the martyrs since 1948, but a betrayal of  numerous generation of Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims ever since Caliph Omar the Just humbly entered the city in 637 A.D. and gave its inhabitants his famous covenant, known as al Uhdah al Omariyya.

Finally, the PA and its operative are trying to hide their shame by insisting that they have always shared the documents in question “with our brothers” in Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

Well, this is an excuse that is worse than a sin.  For since when treachery and treason could be justified if excused, endorsed and accepted by “other Arab tyrants” whose ultimate priority in life is to remain in power, preferably with America’s blessing.

After all, pleasing Israel means pleasing America, and nothing would please Israel and therefore America like ceding Jerusalem or large parts of it to the Zionists.  Besides, since when did these “Brotherly Arabs” really care about Jerusalem or Palestine?

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If true, it is treason.

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