UK spies against palestine resistance

Wed Jan 26, 2011 8:53AM

Former British PM Tony Blair (L) is seen during a visit to the occupied Palestinian territories.
Britain’s foreign spying apparatus, MI6, had drawn up secret strategies for the Palestinian Authority to annihilate resistance movements, leaked documents revealed.

As part of the strategies, the Palestinian Authority had been ordered by the UK spies to confine the leaders and activists of the resistance, to close down their radio stations and to replace imams in mosques, the daily Guardian reported.

The British plan had been provided by the intelligence service upon an order from the then UK government in 2004, said the report.

An al-Quds-based MI6 officer then passed the strategies to the senior security officials of the Palestinian Authority (PA) at the time, according to the report.

The British government’s interference in the Palestinians’ internal issues was disclosed after the Qatar-based satellite TV Al-Jazeera obtained a cache of confidential documents and shared them with the Guardian about the PA’s rapprochement with the enemies’ of the Palestinian nation.

The PA’s security apparatus based in the occupied West Bank has so far implemented the bulk of the UK spying apparatus’s strategies that drew international condemnation for inflicting human rights abuses, including detention without trial and torture.

The strategies included establishing of a security taskforce based on the UK’s “trusted” Palestinian Authority contacts with direct lines to Israeli regime’s intelligence.

Under the heading “Degrading the capabilities of the rejectionists”, the MI6 Palestinian Security Plan also recommends “the detention of key middle-ranking officers” of the resistance movement Hamas and other resistance forces.

“We could also explore the temporary internment of leading Hamas and PIJ [Palestinian Islamic Jihad] figures, making sure they are well-treated, with EU funding”, says the UK plan.


PressTV – UK spies against palestine resistance.

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