Egyptian authorities increase torture of Nofal

Egyptian authorities increase torture of Nofal


Al Qassam website– Gaza -The Palestinian committee formed in solidarity with Ayman Nofal, held in Egyptian prison for more than three years, denounced the intensification of torture rounds against him without any crime committed on his part.

The Egyptian security authorities arrested Nofal on 27/1/2008 when he was among thousands of Gazans who flocked into Egyptian territory after crossing the borders to acquire their needs in light of the tightened Israeli siege on the beleaguered Strip.

The committee said in a statement on Wednesday that the Egyptian security apparatuses escalated torture rounds on Nofal as he entered his fourth year in captivity without any legal justification.

Nofal is held in solitary confinement under repeated physical and psychological torture rounds that threaten his life and personal safety, the committee warned.

It expressed dismay that Cairo was using Nofal as a pressure card while depriving his wife and six children of living with their father.

The committee appealed to local, Egyptian, and international human rights groups to intervene for the sake of releasing Nofal, asking the government in Gaza to intensify contacts with the Egyptian government to secure the release of Nofal.

Daughter of Ayman Nofal

Egyptian authorities increase torture of Nofal – Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades.

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