Israeli Governmnet Involvement in the Settlements

Wednesday, 26 January, 2011 | 20:49 |  Wadi Hilweh Information Center – Silwan, Jerusalem Demolition of a Palestinian home in East Jerusalem

Demolition of a Palestinian home in East Jerusalem

Al-Quds (SILWANIC) — The Israeli government plays an integral role in the settlement infrastructure of East Jerusalem. The authority wielded by various ministries of the federal government, the Police Department, Devleopment Authority, National Parks Authority and the Jerusalem Municipality all contribute to the livelihood and expansion of the settlement enterprise.

The Ministry of Housing enables the transfer of land and property to settler ownership, including land reacquisitioned under the Absentee Properties Law, properties under pre-1948 Jewish ownership and land made available to these groups for direct purchase from the state. Ministry of Housing authority also provides the settlements of East Jeruaslem with the vast numbers of contracted private security officers to guard the settlements, costing the Ministry an estimated 70 million NIS this year.

Settlers enjoy an influential role in the determination of areas mapped out for National Park conservation status in the East Jerusalem area, thus enabling the further expropriation of Palestinian land. The Jerusalem Municipality, meanwhile, illustrates its irrefutable support for the settlement enterprise in the implementation of plans such as Town Planning Scheme 11555, which seeks to convert much of Wadi Hilweh and Al-Bustan districts of Silwan in to a settler-run Biblical theme park. Hundreds of demolition orders on Palestinian homes are issued through the Municipality on flimsy licensing pretexts, while thousands are more simply denied permits to construct.

The Israeli Police force continue to run a brutal campaign of repression against Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem, including the regular and violent repression of demonstrations, raids, arrests (with a rapidly increasing number of children amongst those arrested) and investigations. The vast majority of those arrested and detained are done so on trumped up charges, the underlying motivations clearly political in nature and executed in support of the settlement enterprise.

The Jerusalem Development Authority, together with the Ministries of Tourism and Transport, aid private settler organizations such as Elad in the unprecedented development of tourism projects in East Jerusalem, such as the City of David archaeological site. Such projects seek to present a grossly biased and unfounded history of solely Jewish heritage in East Jerusalem to the public and airbrush over the daily violations of human rights taking place in the city.

The Antiques Authority works hand in hand with Elad to conduct excavations at the City of David site, many of which are carried out in a highly unprofessional manner, with no thought for local residents. Excavations have resulted in the collapse of streets, homes and a school in Wadi Hilweh neighborhood.

Israeli Police close off the Wadi Hilweh street in Silwan village, East Jerusalem, during  jewish holidays. Only Israeli settlers and tourists are allowed to pass the street while Palestinians are prevented from passing the street and getting to their homes via theis cars.

Israeli police stopping Palestinian cars at the entrance of Silwan village in Wadi Hilweh area

Eviction of a Palestinian home

Settelment in Silwan

Israeli Governmnet Involvement in the Settlements « Wadi Hilweh Information Center – Silwan, Jerusalem.

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