Nablus Governor Calls for Anti-Jazeera Protests on Thursday

26.01.11 – 13:28

Nablus – PNN – Major General Jibreen al-Bakri, governor of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, called for popular protests to be held on Thursday against the “slanders targeting Palestine” released by the Qatar-based Al Jazeera TV station.


A 2008 meeting between Abbas and al-Bakri (PNN Archive).

Al-Bakri is a staunch Fatah ally of President Mahmoud Abbas, who was implicated in the Palestine Papers as the man who authorized unprecedented concessions of Palestinian territory in East Jerusalem.

In a statement to state-run news wire Wafa on Wednesday morning, al-Bakri said, “Al Jazeera TV is destabilize the situation and energizing negative elements in the region. What they have done deserves a popular response, because al-Jazeera deviated from the script and started targeting the Palestinian people.”

Al-Bakri said that a “popular protest” would take place in the middle of Nablus on Thursday at 11 a.m., aimed at demonstrating “national solidarity.”

Anan al-Atireh, a Fatah representative from Nablus, said that the protest would “express the strongest reaction to the slanders of Al Jazeera against the national project.” Mahmoud Ashteeh, the secretary-general of Fatah in the Nablus governorate, said Al Jazeera had “distorted the global image of the Palestinian people and their resistance.”

Ashteeh invited all media interested in “delivering facts” to attend.

Yesterday, President Abbas addressed a rally in Ramallah, saying he would “personally go on their own channel and face them.” He said he had “nothing to hide” and rejected the Palestine Papers as forgeries. Palestinian negotiator Nabeel Sha’ath noted on Tuesday that the documents were authentic.

PNN – Palestine News Network – Nablus Governor Calls for Anti-Jazeera Protests on Thursday.

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