Settler Attacks Increase across West Bank

PNN – Palestine News Network – 27.01.11 – 14:56

Bethlehem – PNN – Settlers attacks against Palestinians in the West Bank governorates of Bethlehem, Nablus, and Hebron increased sharply on Thursday.


An Israeli soldier orders a Palestinian farmer off her land (PNN Archive).

The Palestinian state-run news agency Wafa reported that Israeli settlers from Beitar Illit attacked farms in the Palestinian village of Nahalin, southwest of Bethlehem, just hours after settlers from Yitzhar torched a Palestinian car near Nablus. There were also other reported assaults and two arrests in the Juheish Valley, west of Yatta in the southern Hebron governorate.

Osama Shakarneh, chief of the Nahalin village council, told reporters that Mustafa Abdul Qader Najajreh, a man in his sixties, was beaten by Beitar Illit settlers who invaded his lands on Thursday afternoon. Shakarneh added that the settlers threatened to return, but then left.

“This cowardly act is not the first of its kind,” said Shakarneh, “where the settlers arrive, attack farmers to make them leave, and then seize their land and set up settlements.”

In Hebron, Israeli soldiers arrested two Palestinians after settlers from the outpost of Susya attacked them in the Juheish Valley, east of Yatta.

According to local sources, Susya settlers attacked a shepherd in his home in Juheish Valley and beat him with sticks and iron rods. They were followed by the Israeli army, which protected the settlers by arresting 22-year-old Ayad al-Nawajeh and a photographer named Nasser al-Nawajeh, who works for the Israeli human rights group B’tselem.

Eyewitnesses said Ibrahim Nawajeh, the shepherd, was bruised all over his body from the beating.

PNN – Palestine News Network – Settler Attacks Increase across West Bank.

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