Fatah offers Washington spying services in violence-torn countries

[ 28/01/2011 – 05:57 PM ]


DOHA, (PIC)– Confidential documents revealed by the Qatar-based Al-Jazeera satellite TV channel revealed that the Fatah authority in Ramallah of offering the USA spying services in a number of violence-torn countries, including Pakistan, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

The secret documents also revealed that the Fatah-authority helped the Iranian opposition by financing a radio against the Iranian government.

According to the documents, Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erikat spoke on May, 5, 2009 to the team of the negotiation support unit, saying, “We are breaking the Arab tradition of asking the USA for what we want [..] we go and tell (president Barack) Obama that we can help, we can help in Pakistan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc…”.

“Syria, KSA, Egypt, and Jordan all need to ask Obama how they could help… I have gone to Kurdistan”, the document which quoted Erikat as saying to the unit employees but without elaborating the nature of his mission in Kurdistan.

According to the documents, Erikat also alleged that if “other countries could use Hamas as a card, then Fatah authority could also help them and could be used as a card in their hand…. We are not operating a charity… Iran is maneuvering and it uses Hamas as a card”.

Moreover, the documents revealed that Fatah Authority has exerted persistent efforts to help the Iranian opposition, quoting him as speaking to US envoy George Mitchell in October 21, 2009, saying, “It is the moment of truth in the Middle East… Ahmadi Nejad is in Gaza and in Lebanon… Pakistan is failing, and we still have Sudan and Somalia…. Arab countries do nothing…. Don’t you know that president Mahmoud Abbas has convinced a Palestinian business man to finance a radio station for [Iranian opposition leader Mier Mosavi”.

Fatah offers Washington spying services in violence-torn countries.

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