I Love #Jan25 Stickers Campaign goes Live!

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Friday, January 28. 2011

ReBlog: I ♥ #Jan25 Stickers Campaign just launched on Jan25.tv, see below.

Support the popular uprising in Egypt, print & post I ♥ #Jan25 stickers in your city.

Download the PDF (designed for A4 paper), print it in color on sticker paper, cut (3 per A4), and post up in high profile public places in your city, then take a picture of the sticker-in-place and tweet it on Twitter (hashtag #Jan25) or just email it to us [admin -at- jan25 (dot) tv] and we’ll publish it through social and mainstream media channels for global visibility. (click image below for PDF)

This campaign style spread support for Beirut during the 2006 Israeli war on Lebanon via I ♥ Beirut stickers. The stickers appeared in over 5 continents, 30 cities, dozens of mainstream media mentions, to an audience in the millions.

click here to see I ♥ Beirut Campaign photos

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I Love #Jan25 Stickers Campaign goes Live! – Blogging Beirut – the Other Lebanon.

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