Dahlan suspected of leaking documents, Abbas thinks of resigning

[ 29/01/2011 – 09:15 AM ]


RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Palestinian de facto president Mahmoud Abbas is considering leaving his position this year after receiving insults by the Arabs, an informed Palestinian source said.

Abbas no longer has control in the West Bank, the source close to the Fatah-controlled Ramallah authority told the PIC. Unable to control his affairs, Prime Minister Salam Fayyad is in charge even of the internal budget of Abbas’s office.

Abbas faces sharp criticism in Jordan after Al-Jazeera leaked documents revealed that PA negotiators verbally abused Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Despite PA accusations against local staffers for leaking documents to Al-Jazeera detailing negotiations, real, internal accusations on leaking those documents have been directed against Mohammad Dahlan who recently fell out with Abbas and is under investigation for an attempted coup.

In a separate development, mosque speakers across the West Bank are refusing government directives to incite against Al-Jazeera, which began leaking some of 1,600 claimed documents on concessions Palestinian negotiators made on almost all major points.

One speaker, Abu Bilal, said the religious affairs ministry in Ramallah called for an urgent meeting of imams on Thursday.

He said he received a statement from the religious affairs minister Mahmoud al-Habbash listing a number of points to be covered in the Friday sermon mainly that Al-Jazeera made attempts at sedition and to attack the Palestinian Authority, and calling for the defense of Mahmoud Abbas and for the people to march in his support.

Speakers unconvinced discussed the points with the ministry’s director, but the instructions were maintained.

Dahlan suspected of leaking documents, Abbas thinks of resigning.

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